is six short silver-fox, later in life, romantic suspense stories.

The first story is set to be published in 2023, probably Feb/March, with each of the following five stories published two weeks apart from that time.

Story One will be free for the first five days (in KU), so I’ll let you know a couple of weeks out from the go-live date.

And I’m Australian, so it’s Australian English. This isn’t the same as US English, but as I don’t have too many issues understanding US English, I’m hoping the US readers don’t have too many issues reading Australian English.

And British English is close enough to Australian English that they both appear to be the same (they’re not) but if you find some unusual words, just pop by and ask me what they mean and I’ll let you in on the Australianisms that sneak into the story/ies.

What can I tell you about the first story?


Mari’s husband was in Witness Protection until he died. She’s not entitled to protection, and the people he fingered are coming for her. Left to her own devices, sporting a broken ankle, no money, and nowhere to run to, Mari must learn to trust her nosy neighbour, despite swearing off men forever. And ever. But the heart wants what the heart wants, the neighbour is a hot charmer, and a great cook. What will it take for her to take a second chance on love?

Or this:

Mari’s dilemma: Start a new life where no one knows who she is, or who she was, or what she’d seen/been — but the only option leaves her without money, assets, skills, or prospects … unless she chooses Bob despite his deceptions, that he spied on her, and he knows everything about her, past, present, masked, unmasked. If she chooses him, it would ruin his life to such an extent that he’d be without income, assets, and always on the run from the shadows who chased her to get back what her dead husband stole.

Let me know what you think.

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