An Air of Summer

It’s Summer in Australia. First day of summer, when the mind turns to the outdoor living style, barbeques, pool parties, beach parties, street parties.

That’s how it used to be, pre-pandemic. These days, it’s a loaded question to ask if someone wants to come over for a barby, or even a book discussion.

But there are some who see opportunities in this. The lonely people (and that might be a lot more of us than we think) want to reach out, to touch someone, to feel part of the world again.

And this week, I’m holding a garage sale party.

Open the doors of the double garage and load the picnic tables with all the books I need to reassign to a different reader, plenty of pot plants that need to spread their favours elsewhere, and a few other knicks and knacks, trinkets and treasures.

We can keep distant if we want to, or we can come under cover (it’s an open space behind the garage doors) and chat with the people we’ve missed talking to for so long, partake of a bit of nosh and a cold drink (home made, and not for sale).

It’s time to become part of the community again, albeit with a bit of caution.

Will I see you out on the street, looking eagerly at the loaded tables? Come on in, say hello, have a drink. It’s nice to see you again.

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