Prepping for Valentine’s Day

Not me, but I may have a story out for the day. A story about a dog who gets two people together so the pack of three makes for complete fulfilment and happiness.

The Trouble-Making Dog

I see it every day, and every day it sees me. The man on the end of the leash doesn’t look, but the dog sneaks onto my neat grass verge and does a pee against the water meter. Not that I mind. It’s not me having to put my hands on the meter, but I don’t understand why she does it. It’s a female dog. Do they do that – mark territory?

Not that I’m territory. Two months since I got the keys, which makes me a stranger to the small town. And the only person I see on a regular basis is the man with this particular dog. I’m not on a main street to anywhere, tucked away on the last street before farming land.

Three weeks it takes for him to look up, and it happens at the same time I’m looking at him, wondering why his head is always down, why he never looks up to see the world. The dog yips and runs at me like a puppy. I drop the secateurs into the pouch of my gardening apron and prepare for the jump up at me, but she doesn’t. The dog turns on her boss and grabs the lead, dragging him closer.

“Sorry,” he says, pulling the lead to the side. “She’s normally so placid. I don’t know what’s got into her.”

I pull out the dried meat treats and hold one on my palm. The dog takes it in her mouth and steps back with her prize.

“Ah, bribery. That works most times. For most dogs. But Princess has been missing … missing my wife. This is the first time she’s wanted to meet people since … well, for a while.”

“Would you like a cup of tea?” I point to the recently repainted, French-style metal filigree table and chair set I found out the back of my new residence, currently loaded with two cups and a pot. “Mint or lemon verbena, fresh from the garden.”

Princess barked and pulled closer.

“I think she wants us to introduce ourselves. I’m Maggie.” I put my hand out.

“Oh,” he steps back, then looks up and blinks. “Oh, I’m Nick. And this is Princess.”

“We’ve met.” I smile and push my hand closer.

His hand folded over mine like a tentative daydream.

I sit and point to the other chair. Princess sits next to me and I give her another treat.

“Lemon verbena was my wife’s favourite.” Nick sniffs the leaves as he places them in the cup. “This place smells like her.” He smiles. “You remind me of her.”


Could this be the start of a beautiful friendship?

3 responses to “Prepping for Valentine’s Day”

  1. cagedunn Avatar

    Oh, what a beautiful dog! And a nice opening to a possible love story.

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  2. Mister Bump UK Avatar

    I’m afraid I have a very acidic sonnet planned for that day.

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    1. Sissy Dunn Avatar

      I’m sure a lot of people do – it has become a consumeristic, sentimental parody. But I’ll still give SO his favourite dinner and dessert. No gifts, or soppy words, just the satisfaction of a good moment shared.

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